Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hair Removal Cream for Women

Most people feel that hair removal creams are a very effective method of hair removal. Because of the fact that very less time and effort is used in doing the whole process, many people like this process. The texture of hair removal creams is very similar to that of body lotions. Nair removal creams are generally applied directly to the area from where you remove the unwanted hair. Although the effects of this method is not permanent the results of this easy method of hair removal cal last for 4 to 5 days.

But there is a more pertinent problem that is related with the use of Hair removal creams which is the “safety” of this hair removal cream. Meaning that whether these creams do work without giving you any kind side effects and if so how?

The basic mechanism of this hair creams involve dissolving or weakening the hair follicles. These creams consist of chemical that does the whole process very similar to that of a cleansing agent. Hair removal creams are rightly called as depilatory agents, meaning that removal of hair occurs only at the top level or layer of the skin. Hair follicles which are not dissolved by the cream are weakened to such an extent that they can easily wiped off with a towel. Thus your skin will be a smooth and a hair free one.

While applying the cream on the skin it is important that you dab the cream and not rub the cream into the skin. This is important because if you rub the cream the chemicals of the cream can go into the pores of the skin and thus your skin can experience irritations and other skin related effects. So you should wait for the skin to assimilate in the skin and thus wait for 5 to 6 minutes after you dab the cream on the skin.

After the allotted time you should wash off the cream with a warm cloth and remove any traces of cream. After that you need to be that portion of the skin where the cream was applied with warm water. You can even take a shower if the area is large. This is necessary to cleanse the pores. After you have done this avoid using any kind of chemical products like lotions or make ups on the skin for at least a period of 3 to 4 hours. If after this process your skin becomes dry or red you can apply some mineral oil in that area.

You must always remember that although hair removal creams have the same kind of effect as shaving off your hair you need to be more careful and act with precaution when you are using such creams to remove unwanted hair.